Let Me Show You Why I’m Your Best Candidate

As my favorite journalism professor once told me, great writers have a knack for showing, not telling, what they want their readers to understand. These words have served me well throughout my career.

I always start by seeing things through the eyes of my audience. How does this brand or product benefit them? Filter out the empty superlatives and get to the heart of the matter. Distill your messaging down to transparent facts, relatable tone, and compelling calls to action. Adhere to the communication hierarchy, an essential best practice for any good writer, and clearly convey your value proposition.

With over 20 years of experience, theses essential building blocks are now second nature to me. But they alone do not define exceptional creative content. For that, you also need an equal measure of conceptual instinct, and that’s what I believe is my greatest strength.

From ideation to implementation, I use all tools at my disposal – demography, research, competitive landscape – to resonate with respective target audiences. I develop strategies that work across all marketing channels, mindful that extended marketing campaigns must have continuity at every consumer touchpoint. I also have the versatility to excel in multiple industries, including banking, hospitality, culinary, automotive, technology, sports, gaming, law, residential construction, and health and wellness.

On a personal level, I’m an avid writer, musician, occasional designer, film fanatic, and nature lover. I’ve played competitive golf from an early age and have a lifelong love affair with music.