With over 15 years of creative experience, I have a proven track record in a wide range of industries, including banking, hospitality, culinary, automotive, technology, sports, gaming, law, residential construction, and health and wellness. 


Youngevity in San Diego, California: 10/2017 to Present

My responsibilities include overseeing external communications, to ensure a consistent brand voice throughout all marketing channels. Noteworthy accomplishments include spearheading a national health campaign (, which has increased distributor engagement and boosted nutritional product sales. I also led a department-wide effort to promote our 2018 convention, resulting in record attendance (over 2,000).

LifeWave in San Diego, California: 5/2014 to 9/2017

In addition to drafting all marketing related content, I also developed effective brand identity strategies for important product launches. This includes WinFit, a fitness product that I named and for which I wrote  all  promotional,  pre-launch,  and  marketing collateral content. I also worked closely with the design team on the initial launch, resulting in nearly $18 million in opening-weekend sales (a company record). This product continues to be a top seller for LifeWave over two years later.


BancVue in Austin, Texas: 4/2008 to 11/13

Here I was tasked with drafting and managing content for all business-to-business efforts, marketing directly to over 1,3000 community banks and credit unions nationwide. I also managed all business-to-consumer marketing that targeted customers on behalf of these community institutions. Additionally, I helped develop the national banking brand, Kasasa, which offers free, interest-bearing checking accounts and increases account retention.

9/2006 to 10/2007: 689 Design in Long Beach, California

As a small shop with few employees, we all wore a “lot of hats” to help garner new clients and increase their revenue through extended print and web advertising campaigns. I was integral in all stages of branding development, driving bottom-line results for clients in a diverse range of industries such as hospitality, entertainment, and gaming.


Content management, copywriting, branding, ideation, creative directing, social media, script writing, SEO, design, presentation development, strategic planning, and research.